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So I have this one toy that make me squirt everytime, it\'s curved in a way that lets me hit just the right spot.  I lay back in front of you, strip naked, spread my legs, and start fucking myself with this very special toy.  Sure enough, all of a sudden, POP! and I shoot huge steam of my pussy juice all over the place!  It feels so good, but always leave me so thristy.  ;)

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Duration: 03:57
Credits: 5
Hubby, I have something to tell you...

So hubby, you know how my pussy has been really loose lately?  Well, that's because I've been fucking a hot guy behind your back, and he cock is fucking HUGE.  It's what you get for having such a small cock, and being a bad lay.  What do you expect me to do, site around unsatisfied?  Lets just say my new man keeps me VERY "fulfilled".  I do kind of feel bad about not including you, so maybe I'll let you watch me as I suck and fuck my new stud right in front of you.

Photos: 55
Credits: 5

I bet I can guess what's going on in your head.  No matter how good my outfit looks on me, it always looks better on the floor.  Why don't you sit back, relax, and watch me as I strip off one piece of clothing after another.  What's your favorite part of me?  My big tits, my ass, or my full red bush?  Which part of me do you want to cum all over?

Photos: 37
Credits: 5
My Favorite Vibrator

Today I have one of my favorite vibrators.  I love this thing because I can start it nice and low and play with it over my panties while I squeeze my nipples.  Ohh... it feels so good.  Sometimes I love to run my hands in the hair that sticks out from the sides of my panties from my full red bush.  I\'m going to look right at you as I get off and make myself cum for you. 

Duration: 06:29
Credits: 5
Small Dick Humiliation - Jerk Off Instruction

My what a small dick you have...  Do you really think you can please me with that tiny thing?  It takes a real cock to please me.  Since you're already here, you may as well pull it out and show it to me.  HAHA!  Well...  Go ahead and start stroking it, I'm going to count down to 1 and you better cum for me.