Photos: 37
My Favorite Vibrator

Today I have one of my favorite vibrators.  I love this thing because I can start it nice and low and play with it over my panties while I squeeze my nipples.  Ohh... it feels so good.  Sometimes I love to run my hands in the hair that sticks out from the sides of my panties from my full red bush.  I\'m going to look right at you as I get off and make myself cum for you. 

Photos: 36
Girl Crush

I\'m talking with a girl friend of mine on the phone, but she has no idea how much I want to get my hands all over her.  She\'s a beautiful blonde with a perfect body, I bet she feels wonderful and tastes perfectly sweet.  I get off the phone with her, and now I have to get myself off thinking about her.  It\'s not often I am so tued on by another girl, but when I am she\'s all I can think about.  I slide my hands all over my body and slip my fingers inside my wet hairy red pussy as I imagine what she would feel like in up against me.  Oh the sexual frustration!

Photos: 37
Like What You See?

Hi boy, do you like what you see?  What about these boots?  Wouldn\'t you love to run your hands along my thigh and across my nice firm ass?  I\'m sure you\'ve love to squeeze my nice big tits.  How about you shove your face right between my ass checks while I smother you.  If you\'re good I\'ll let you suck on my nipples.  ;)

Photos: 55

I bet I can guess what's going on in your head.  No matter how good my outfit looks on me, it always looks better on the floor.  Why don't you sit back, relax, and watch me as I strip off one piece of clothing after another.  What's your favorite part of me?  My big tits, my ass, or my full red bush?  Which part of me do you want to cum all over?

Photos: 28
Look what I found!

I was cleaning up my place and found a favorite toy of mine on the couch.  Sometimes I\'m a little forgetful after a good orgasm.  I may as well take advantage of the find and put it to good use.  I lay back on the couch, and slip my toy inside my tight red pussy.

Photos: 24
My new pair of shoes.

I hear you have a foot fetish, so I thought you\'d appreciate my new pair of shoes.  True story. I picked them out as I was trying on different pairs of shoes at the store and I saw a guy watching me.  When I slide this pair on, I saw him get a bit flustered and excited.  That\'s when I knew I had the right pair on.  Why don\'t you come a little closer and give my shoes and feet the attention they deserve?

Photos: 31
Nice Big Tits

Do you like my nice big tits?  Do you get hard when you see a woman with big tits and no bra walking down the street? Just imagine her big tits bounce freely under her shirt.  I love to go out in public in a tight shirt and no bra, to make the guys drool as they stare at me.  Listen and watch as I tease you with my perfect tits.  I slowly pull them out from under my shirt and play with my nipples, and tell you how good it feels to grope and caress my big tits.  I want you to shoot your load of cum all over me.  I pose my tits up close to the camera and tell you just how good your cum would feel as it shoots all over my tits and to feel your cum drip down into my clevage.

Photos: 51

So I have this one toy that make me squirt everytime, it\'s curved in a way that lets me hit just the right spot.  I lay back in front of you, strip naked, spread my legs, and start fucking myself with this very special toy.  Sure enough, all of a sudden, POP! and I shoot huge steam of my pussy juice all over the place!  It feels so good, but always leave me so thristy.  ;)

Photos: 25
Relaxing after a long night out

I just got home after a long and fun night out.  I\'m tired, but I need something to help me relax, and I know just the thing.  I strip off my clothes, lay back on my bed, use nothing but my fingers, and get myself off while you watch.  I let you watch as I spread my legs, open my red bush, and slide my fingers deep inside until I cum for you.

Photos: 44
Me and my giant vibrator

Some times I wonder what I love more, a giant cock or my giant vibrator.  If there was ever a toy a guy should be jealous of, it\'s this one.  I strip down to nothing, spread my legs, and vibe my clit like never before.  This vibrator alway makes me cum REALLY hard!

Photos: 28
My cute little feet

This is for you foot fetishests out there.  Watch and listen as I tell you all about my feet, toes.  To give you some extra motivation, I count down from 10, and have you cum all over my feet.

Photos: 29
Having you fuck my pussy

I shot this video during one of my first shoots, and I\'m already tued on by the idea of getting off in front of the camera.  I\'ve soaked through my shorts before I\'ve even start mastrubating.  Once my shorts are off, I take a big dildo and shove it deep in my pussy.  I imagine the camera is you, and fuck my pussy until I cum.

Photos: 27
Fuck Me Doggie Style

You know what I'm in the mood for?  I want to be fucked doggie style.  Wouldn't you love to just put me on my knees, part my red bush with your fingers and slip your cock inside of my wet pussy?  It sounds like a great time to me.  ;)

Duration: 05:29
My what a little dick you have.

So the word around town is that you have a really tiny dick, my girlfriends told me all about it.  You must feel so pathetic and useless.  How about you sit back, get two fingers ready, and stroke yourself off while I tell you about just how small you are and how you'll never be able to please a woman.

Duration: 03:57
Hubby, I have something to tell you...

So hubby, you know how my pussy has been really loose lately?  Well, that's because I've been fucking a hot guy behind your back, and he cock is fucking HUGE.  It's what you get for having such a small cock, and being a bad lay.  What do you expect me to do, site around unsatisfied?  Lets just say my new man keeps me VERY "fulfilled".  I do kind of feel bad about not including you, so maybe I'll let you watch me as I suck and fuck my new stud right in front of you.

Duration: 04:51
Foot Slut

Are you a little foot slut?  If so, you'll love this video of me.  I have you on your knees and below my feet as a I tease you with my open toe shoes.  I eventully slip my shoes off and let you worship my bare feet.

Duration: 04:55
Boot worship

Are you a little boot licker?  If so, you'll love this clip as I tell you about spending the day out with my girlfriends, walking around the mall.  It's been a fun but long day, and now I need you to lick my boots clean for me.

Duration: 05:13
My financial slave

You're short, fat, and ugly, and you're going to buy me anything that I want.  You make your hard eaed money just so you can hand it over to me.  All I have to do to make you give me all of your money is to let you admire me, and my body.  You been a good boy, so I'll let you see my amazing tits.

Duration: 06:07
My cute little feet

This is for you foot fetishests out there.  Watch and listen as I tell you all about my feet, toes.  To give you some extra motivation, I count down from 10, and have you cum all over my feet.

Duration: 06:29
Small Dick Humiliation - Jerk Off Instruction

My what a small dick you have...  Do you really think you can please me with that tiny thing?  It takes a real cock to please me.  Since you're already here, you may as well pull it out and show it to me.  HAHA!  Well...  Go ahead and start stroking it, I'm going to count down to 1 and you better cum for me.

Duration: 06:54
It\'s your fault, you hired him.

I blame you for this one.  You\'re the one that hired the super hot pool guy, and left me alone with him while you were at work.  I couldn\'t resist showing him just how much I appreciated his work, so I let him work over my mouth.  I dropped to my knees and slid his massive cock past my lips and across my tongue.  Almost as much as I love sucking and fucking other men while you\'re away, I enjoy making you hear all about. In a very detailed way, I describe the feeling of the pool guy\'s cock deep in my mouth and the sensation of him dumping his load of cum down the back of my throat.  After that, I don\'t know if I\'ll ever give you a BJ again.

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